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I read your blog thing about Lookking For a Job. If I ever saw you you punk you would get a shotgun blast to the balls. That’s why we need people like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman to get rid of socialist commie pinko smart guy cappochina drinkers like you who probably went to some university and thinks he knows it all. You better wish me or my hunting buddies never find out where you live or you and your whole family are toast. Abortion is a mortal sin but I think there should be an exception for those as yourself and your kind.  Or maybe a bomb. Down here we know how to deal with nigger lovers, and jew lovers such as you. And you do not want to find out. The Tea Party are real red blooded Christian Americans and not phoneys like you and your G-dless fag friends. I will go to church this Sunday and fall to my knees and pray to my Lord G-d above that a homo such as yourself gets hit by a car or gets aids as you should all too. America is the greatest land of all and you and your muslim loving boyfriends need to be taut a real lesson. I bet you don’t even believe in G-d like I do or in the bible or anything real. If we were in a jail cell together I would sure rip you a new one – get it ha ha ha. It would be my pleasure queer. When Rick Perry is president all you all will know what its like to live in a real G-d-Fearing law abiding country where we pledge every morning and before bedtime to the Flag one nation invisible under liberty and justice for all. Hallelujah.