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I live in Polk County thats in Central Florida. In my neck of the woods I seen a lot of reptiles alligator, lizard, snake, you name it I seen it. I aint never seen no alligator didnt know how to be no alligator or no lizard the same – or niether no snake. So what are all these adverts I keep hearing on Fox 1130 WBF-AM about a reptile disfunction? And how in the hell do you get a alligator to take this stuff in case he is? Or a lizard or a snake? Do you want to try and shove a pill down a gators throat? Are you gonna put your fingers down a coral snakes throat to get him some medicin? I didnt think so. So lets stop here and now all this talking on the radio about a reptile disfunction. And lets all get out and vote for Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman they are the man. And the woman to.

author’s note: with respect to the great Gilda Radner.