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I just heard on the TV while I was in the other room that Sprint is America’s favorite ORGY network? What? What??? This is crazy! This is something my grandchildren are seeing! This wanton permissiveness has GOT TO STOP! What with the gays getting married and whatever else those people do, I mean, who knows what they’re doing with their…appliances.  I know that the Sprint has those cell phones where you can make a video and all, but to advertise that you are the ORGY NETWORK??? I am gob-smacked. Oh wait…it’s even worse than I thought…now I see that their saying…4G. 4G?…4G?? Is this an orgy with 4 people in it? Is this 4G some new kind of hep, slang, black rap thing for a 4 person orgy? The blacks have gone to far here. They are making a comercial on TV where children watch about their phones designed specificaly for ORGIES WITH 4 PEOPLE??? And blacks are all doing that RAPPING about it? This is why I’m voting for Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann! JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW!

Author’s note: with respect to the great Gilda Radner.