Barking In The Dark

Ted Nugent Live

Screaming “Get me a Jew doctor” Ted Nugent was rushed into the emergency room of Central Hospital at 4 am this morning after his penile implant exploded in the Hot Buns  movie theater. Nugent was brought to the emergency room by a young Latino who told reporters “we were jackin’ each other off when this guy’s dick exploded in my hand – and not in a good way ese. Up to then everything was simpatico -” he continued. “He was jackin’ my junk an’ like moanin’ whack my Glock you spic, an’ I wanna see that big spic cannon go off… an’ chupame la pinga…you know? Shit like that, fue genial hombre. An’ he had a gun an’ he was suckin’ on it like it was a pinga too. This is one sick little maricon ese.” The young Latino, who looked to be about 14, wouldn’t give his name. He…

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